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Analytical Services

Radioactive Source Leak Test Analysis

RSCS is licensed by the State of NH (#381R) to perform leak test analysis, and has been providing competitively priced leak test services for industry and Government agencies for over 20 years. Many of our customers have contracted with RSCS after assessing the cost of maintaining their own personnel, equipment and licensing.  They have found that our leak test services provide the most cost effective means of maintaining regulatory compliance.

Test results are sent by mail to our clients within one business day after analysis.  Positive test results greater than or equal to 0.005 uCi, are immediately reported to our clients by phone or email on the same day. For companies with time sensitive demand for analysis results, RSCS has an on-line portal for clients to obtain electronic copies of their test results at any time.

Our custom database tracks all of our client's sources and generates automatic reminder letters for sources coming due for testing one month in advance. New test kits can be ordered by phone or on-line.

Sample Analysis

RSCS is partnered with GEL Laboratories to provide the highest quality analysis of a variety of media, including air samples, water, soil and mixed waste.  We can also provide liquid scintillation, gas flow proportional (GFP), or gamma spectroscopy (NaI) analysis of samples at our facility.