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STS 800 Series

STS 800 Series

The STS 800 series of Ionizing Radiation Simulators makes possible realistic training without the use of radioactive sources. The system uses simulated radioactive sources which are in powder or liquid form. The source releases a non-hazardous gas, a perfluorocarbon, which remains close to the surface.

A simulated probe, which mimics a radiation monitoring probe, contains the gas detector. This detector is passed over the source and draws in the gas creating an analogue signal. The signal is then converted to a pulsed signal by STS electronics and is fed into the real ratemeter which responds as though connected to a real probe.

STS 800 Simulator Spray Application

The STS 800 series liquid simulant is a highly transferable, colorless, odorless solution which is detectable while in its liquid state. The fluid gradually evaporates without leaving any residue, and the instructor has nothing to clean-up after the training exercise. LS1 Liquid Simulant Spray is easy to apply to any surface for contamination training.

STS 800 Contamination Survey

An Instructor prepares a highly realistic contaminated area using the liquid simulant and a simulated instrument which looks, feels and acts just like the real instrument.

A Variety of Simulator Models Available

Simulators are available for most manufacturers' ratemeters & probes including Eberline, NE Technology, Ludlum, Mini Instruments and Nardeux. Imitation probes including the 44A, HP260, HP210, DP2, DP6, BP4, AP3 and SPA6 are available. Other instruments are currently under development.

Realistic Training Advantage

This range of simulators has allowed the safe training of staff not only in the use of probes and monitors, but also in demonstrating the spread of contamination. If swabs are used for cleaning-up the STS liquid source, the swabs become contaminated and if the STS liquid source is used on footwear, footprints will be detected using the STS probe and ratemeter.

STS 800 Rad Worker Training 

An Instructor providing a typical contamination survey training exercise for a radiation worker.