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At RSCS, we understand that radiographers and other industrial users of radioactive material require safe and efficient radiation protection programs to keep their business going.   Our services include source licensing and radiation protection plan development,  routine monitoring of programs and facility decommissioning.  The unique qualifications of our staff allow us to quickly deploy individuals to support your routine radiation safety and emergency situations.   We provide cost effective solutions to:

Radiation Safety Officer Support

Contract RSO services can be both efficient and cost effective for licensees who do not require a full time RSO or are in need of temporary or extra support.  Our large staff of Certified Health Physicists and Radiation Specialists provides both temporary and permanent RSO support to our clients to oversee and manage their radiation protection programs.  Our Radiation Safety Manager software helps effectively manage radioactive sources and other routine radiation safety activities.

Manual and Procedure Writing

Our skilled procedure writers are proficient in the development and modification of radiation protection plans to ensure they are written effectively and meet current technical and regulatory standards. 

Audits and Assessments

Our staff can assist in providing quality audits and assessments to demonstrate compliance with NRC, Agreement State, EPA,  and other requirements.

Facility Design and Shielding Evaluations

We have an expert team of Radiological Engineers who can design facilities used to house both radioactive material and X-ray machines.  Our design engineers will provide expert advice to ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements and standards set by the National Council on Radiation Protection.  We can perform shielding calculations for both cabinet and open beam industrial X-ray installations as well as gamma source and waste storage facilities.

Radiation Instrumentation, Monitoring and Survey Support

We provide a cost-effective solution to augmenting your in-house technical staff.  Our highly trained staff of Radiation Technicians and Health Physics Supervisors provides quality assistance to complete your day-to-day radiation protection activities.  Our Instrumentation and Calibration Division boasts the highest quality and competitive cost for the sales, calibration, and repair of all types of portable and fixed instrumentation.  We can provide cost-effective source leak testing services and radioactive gauge surveys and assessments.

Radiological Effluents and Environmental Monitoring

At RSCS, we know that the effective monitoring of effluents and the environment is important to demonstrate facilities are operating safely.  Our staff includes trained environmental and soil scientists, hydro-geologists, and geo-chemists  who are skilled in state-of-the-art techniques relating to measuring and characterizing  radioactivity in liquid and airborne effluents, soils, subsurface structures and groundwater.  We specialize in:

  • Stack Assessments
  • Effluent Instrumentation
  • Leak Detection
  • Groundwater and Subsurface Characterization
  • Monitoring Well Design and Installation
  • Numerical Groundwater Modeling and Management of Site Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Or employees utilize state-of-the art techniques and methods in our assessments including the use of robotics, remote real-time sensors and data loggers, and deployment of advanced technologies such as tritium soil vapor extraction systems. 


Our training division conducts both open enrollment and custom training for industrial users of radioactive material and X-ray machines.   Over the past two decades, hundreds of industry professionals have taken our Radiation Safety Officer training and Advanced Radiation Safety Officer training classes.  We have a variety of course material for industrial facilities ranging from indoctrination training to detailed training on specific radiation procedures.

Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation

Our staff is internationally renowned in providing world-class decommissioning services to radiological facilities around the globe.  Our decommissioning services include decommissioning cost estimation, full service facility decontamination,  and final status surveys.   We pride ourselves in providing expert contamination control support and specialize in alpha contamination programs.

Radioactive Waste Services

Our health physicists and waste experts specialize in providing cost effective ways to manage and dispose of radioactive waste from  industrial facilities.  We support all types of site and waste characterization and disposal options including decontaminations and waste consolidation services.