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Internal and External Dosimetry

This 5-day course covers both external and internal dosimetry fundamental concepts and protection methods.  Students will gain an understanding of radiation risks associated with external and internal sources of radiation and the methods for detection and analysis of dose.  The class will provide a balance of classroom lecture as well as hands-on practical sessions where actual internal and external case studies will be evaluated and lessons learned in dosimetry will be presented.  Students will gain knowledge on available software and other tools to aid them in assessing both internal and external dose, including INDOS, IMBA, Microshield, and Varskin.

Major concepts to be covered in class will include:

  • Radiation exposure and dose concepts
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • External radiation dose calculations
  • Internal radiation dose calculations
  • Dosimetry standards and regulations
  • Dosimetry case studies and lessons learned