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Novel Underwater Survey System
Posted on June 13th, 2014

RSCS recently developed a unique radiation detection instrument for performing underwater surveys of Spent Fuel Pools at nuclear utilities. This system was designed for a nuclear plant that required assurance that all areas in their spent fuel pool and cask pit were safe for diving activities following the removal and remediation of spent fuel and associated equipment.

The device incorporated a non-flooding free air space used in conjunction with two AMP100 underwater survey probes manufactured by Mirion Technologies. The housing of this device includes sleeves for both probes positioned in a fixed geometry. The bottom surface of the air space housing provides a flat one foot by one foot surface for radiation measurement.

A set of field survey maps were created to collect one by one foot measurements completely covering all inner surfaces (walls and floors) of the fuel pool and cask pit. The data from these surveys were used to generate two dimensional surface plots for all pool interiors. These plots were subsequently manipulated using CAD methods to provide easy to use three-dimensional visualizations of the radiation fields within the spent fuel pool and cask pit. These graphics, illustrating field trends, hot spots, and the general radiological conditions in the spent fuel pool were used by the Radiation Protection department to support safe planning for future diving operations.

This underwater survey instrument is available through RSCS, along with our radiological survey services. Please contact us for more information on this instrument and our underwater survey methodology.

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