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RSCS Announces Outage Services Division
Posted on June 17th, 2014

Stratham, NH. – June 17, 2014 – RSCS, Inc announces its new Outage Services Division led by Fred Erskine and supported by Tina Inman to focus on providing a full range of radiological specialists to nuclear power plants during outages.  This division compliments their Consulting Services Division, which has an established record of providing project management and technical radiation safety services to nuclear utilities, such as routine technical support services and emergency response.   

“Our clients have repeatedly requested that we enter the outage staffing arena, as our reputation for providing sound radiation protection solutions and placing quality professionals at nuclear facilities is unmatched in the industry”, said Jay Tarzia, Executive Director, Radiation Safety & Control Services.  “We have taken their concerns to heart, and have launched our Outage Services Division to meet the needs of operating plants”.

RSCS distinguishes its services from others staffing agencies as a turnkey provider for technicians, health physicists and radiological management professionals.   As a full-service provider, RSCS can streamline the management and execution of all radiological maintenance and inspection activities to reduce operational downtime.

“Nuclear Power Plants are under more pressure than ever to improve their bottom line as they compete against natural gas and oil energy providers.  If the industry is to survive it must demonstrate economic viability while increasing the public’s confidence that it is safe.  In order to reduce operational costs and promote nuclear power’s excellent safety record, the industry must maintain a stable workforce of experienced technical and radiation safety professionals.  This is of vital importance”, said Freddy Erskine, Director of Site Services, Radiation Safety & Control Services. 

RSCS has extensive experience in developing comprehensive professional improvement programs and plans to implement a continuous improvement program for their technicians to ensure that clients are supported by highly qualified and experienced individuals.  Committed to fostering the next generation of nuclear technicians, they envision working with operating plants to establish apprenticeship programs to build up staff experience. Additionally, as a provider of radiological services to other industry sectors outside of the commercial nuclear arena, opportunities exist for key performers to obtain additional employment at industrial, medical and environmental worksites, furthering their professional development. 

“We look forward to providing effective teams of professional and technical workers to our nuclear utility clients to efficiently and effectively support their outage activities.  We also look forward to fostering the professional development of our technicians by providing a rewarding workplace culture that promotes and encourages technical excellence and workplace professionalism", said Tarzia.

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