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RSCS Contributes to Comprehensive Report for OECD Nuclear Energy Agency on Innovation Needs for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities
Posted on August 6th, 2014

Harvey Farr of RSCS and his colleague Thomas LaGuardia of LaGuardia & Associates, LLC recently completed the final draft of OECD Report NEA No. 7191 “R&D and Innovation Needs for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities”.  This report was based upon a draft report that was compiled by the Working Party on Decommissioning and Dismantling (WPDD).  The WPDD is comprised of international decommissioning experts who reviewed the current methods for decommissioning and their impacts on future nuclear power plant decommissioning budgets and schedules.  From this review, recommendations for future R&D efforts that would improve safety, streamline project schedules, and reduce cost were recommended.  

This draft report was expanded upon by Harvey Farr and Thomas LaGuardia to include an exhaustive review of the state of the art in decommissioning technologies with further recommendations on future R&D needs.  As stated in the report’s executive summary:

The current labor-intensive approach to decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) suggests that research and development (R&D) aimed at more efficient and effective decommissioning technologies and processes could bring significant benefits to current and future D&D projects. Improvements are required to decrease the hundreds of billions of dollars (USD) that will be required to decommission facilities that have shut down or will shut down around the world. This report discusses decommissioning activities and challenges that could benefit from R&D and summarizes applicable emergent technologies and research efforts to build a base of knowledge regarding the status of decommissioning technology and R&D. This base knowledge can be used to obtain consensus on future R&D that is worth funding. It can also assist in deciding how to collaborate and optimize the limited pool of financial resources available among NEA member countries for nuclear decommissioning R&D.

RSCS congratulates Harvey Farr and Thomas LaGuardia on the completion and issuance of this comprehensive report.  The full report is available from the OECD here.

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