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RSCS Calibration Laboratory Exceeds 100,000 Instrument Calibrations
Posted on September 26th, 2014

The Calibration Laboratory at RSCS has processed over 100,000 instruments to date, making it one of the highest volume calibration labs in the country.  Accredited to ISO/IEC-17025, the laboratory provides NIST traceable gamma and neutron calibration services and offers a wide variety of beta and alpha sources to provide efficiencies for contamination detection equipment. Established in 1992, the laboratory’s well established and robust chain of custody and calibration process controls provide for over 10,000 instrument calibrations annually.  Customer’s instruments are received, logged, and tracked throughout the calibration process using a proprietary database that captures all customer calibration requirements for their instrument, including preferred scale (exposure or contamination), biases, efficiencies, calibration intervals and other parameters. In addition, this database provides ready access to client specifics for shipping, billing and other administrative requests. At each step throughout the calibration process, technicians and Quality Control personnel review and verify that client expectations have been met. This has ensured a consistently high level of customer satisfaction and retention.

Often, clients will not know that their meters are out of tolerance or in need of repair until they are sent for calibration. RSCS calibration reports will indicate if the instrument “As Found” reading is outside of 20% to alert clients to this condition. If the instrument is unable to be calibrated, RSCS offers instrument repair services, providing board level repairs on most makes and models of instruments. This repair lab is also the authorized repair center for models manufactured by Mirion Industries.

Many clients at nuclear plants, waste processing facilities, and nuclear laundries have benefited from the Calibration Laboratory’s ability to accept instruments with permissible levels of fixed and loose contamination. These instruments are surveyed upon receipt using the RSCS Analytical Laboratory’s low background counting equipment, liquid scintillation counters and gamma spectroscopy systems as needed. This lab also provides routine leak test services and analysis of smears and water samples to clients throughout the US.

The Calibration Laboratory at RSCS prides itself on providing comprehensive technical services at competitive prices to users of radiation detection instrumentation. In operation for over 20 years the laboratory’s experience and reputation is unmatched in the industry.

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