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Geospatial Analysis of Nuclear Plant Assets Available through GIS Viewer Integration with Compworks Database
Posted on February 13th, 2015

An innovated approach to storing 3D GIS site models that are linked to existing nuclear plant asset inspection databases has been developed by RSCS, CorrTech Inc. and Iddeal for Exelon Corporation.  RSCS has been developing with Iddeal the GIS viewer and a series of tools which will allow a user to interrogate site datasets and apply the results to targeted assets. As the GIS viewer will be linked to the Compworks database all updates made will be fed back to the database and will be available to all users. This data management system provides the ability to link plant systems spatially to other relevant information, including groundwater monitoring data, REMP program data, relevant (spatial) IRs, inspection reports, work Orders, inspection/construction photos, CP assessments and operational data.  

Inspection/analysis data collected during fieldwork or following analysis is capable of being directly entered into the Buried Piping database via the GIS, allowing data to be used for mapping physical land base objects and performing spatial data analyses. GIS can track, store and display attributes associated with a component or environmental condition, enabling plant data to be viewed and analyzed in a way that has not been used before to this extent. By combining site data and geophysical data, high quality geospatial analyses can be carried out which benefit characterization and site investigations, and will support a broad range of projects including corrosion protection/groundwater investigations, buried pipe investigations, subsurface mapping and asset inspections. The system will also allow RSCS to develop hybrid drawings that incorporate both detailed 3D CAD drawings and site data.

The results of this collaboration will be discussed in the joint presentation “GIS Revision of the Iddeal CompWorks® Database” by RSCS, Corrtech Inc. and Exelon Corporation at the EPRI BIPG conference (Electric Power Research Institute Buried Pipe Integrity Group). Formed in 2008, BPIG members include all US Nuclear utilities as well as members from Canada, France, U.K, Brazil and Korea. BPIG provides a forum for program owners to discuss buried pipe issues and exchange experiences. Companies also obtain a consensus on industry issues and program practices. 

RSCS will also exhibit at the BPIG conference with CorrTech Inc. to provide information on our geotechnical and data analysis services. We have supported clients with planning, implementing and interpretation of a wide range of environmental projects including:

  • 3D Site Digitization
  • Site data collection, geodatabase design and spatial data analysis
  • Aquifer Testing (pump tests)
  • Down-hole data logging instrumentation
  • Down-hole Geophysical Logging
  • Leak tracing and investigation
  • Sub service characterization and contaminated waste removal analysis
  • Extraction Well Design and Installation
  • Groundwater Fate and Transport Modeling

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