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NEI Magazine Article on Emergent Technologies for D&D
Posted on May 20th, 2015

As aging nuclear power plants come off line, novel approaches are required to reduce escalating decommissioning costs and expedite the process.  Harvey Farr of RSCS recently co-authored an OECD/NEA report “R&D and Innovation Needs for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities” to address technological innovations that could improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of decommissioning efforts.  Recently, Nuclear Engineering International Magazine engaged Harvey Farr to expand on this topic. His latest article “Targeting Emergent Technologies for D&D" was published in the May 2015 issue, and addresses advances in wireless communications, data sharing technologies and scanning and pattern recognition capabilities that could be adopted as best practices for decommissioning projects.  To read the full article, please click here.

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