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SIM-Teq™ Simulation Technologies Product Line Revealed
Posted on June 3rd, 2015

RSCS will launch their new SIM-Teq™ Simulation Technologies product line of dosimeters, survey meters, simulated sources and manual controllers at the upcoming 25th Annual Mirion Training & Benchmarking Seminar held in Fort Lauderdale, FL from June 9-11, 2015.  During the Seminar, RSCS will feature the model DMC 2000TD, a fully functional simulator of a real DMC 2000S model dosimeter.  This model is remotely controlled via a USB Dongle and a Windows 8 tablet using the Simulation Control Center (SCC) app that is available from the Microsoft store.  Instructors can use this intuitive application to set DMC 2000TD configurations and alarm thresholds, and control and view the dose rate and dose displayed on the student’s DMC 2000TD.  In addition, all faults and fault alarms are supported and can be activated by the instructor using the SCC at any time. 

The SIM-Teq™ product line also includes survey meters, and hands free “live” sources of radiation.  Using the Two Way Ranging (TWR) Omni Source, an instructor can easily deploy a simulated point source of radiation and set the dose rate at 1 foot from the source using the SCC.  Survey meters and dosimeters with built in TWR circuitry continually measure the distance from the source and adjust the reported rate and accumulated dose in accordance with the 1/R2 principle.  The ability to effectively set the “activity” of the source allows the instructor to emulate hazardous conditions for the training scenario, in indoor or outdoor settings.  At any time during the training exercise, the instructor can manually over-ride the source and control the rate displayed on the instrument, or activate fault conditions that might be encountered in the field.

The combined capabilities of both automatic response and manual control of models supported by the SIM-Teq™ system is unmatched in the industry.  In addition, the ease of deployment of the Omni TWR sources provides an advantage over existing technologies.  Training scenarios can include any or all models available, with up to 32 devices controlled during an exercise.  As new simulator models are introduced, they can be seamlessly integrated into the training system with a free SCC application download from the Microsoft Store. 

Learn more about SIM-Teq™ Simulation Technologies at the 25th Annual Mirion Training & Benchmarking Seminar during the breakout session “Advanced Tools for the Advanced Training: Introducing the “DMC 2000 Training Dosimeter”.  If not attending this Seminar, visit to get more information on the SIM-Teq™ product line.

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