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Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center Upgrades Research Reactor Monitoring Equipment
Posted on September 17th, 2015

The Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center (RINSC) recently awarded RSCS a contract to upgrade their area and personnel monitoring equipment at their research reactor.  This 2 Mega-Watt, light water cooled, pool type reactor was built in 1960 and has operated for over 50 years as a research reactor for the University of Rhode Island’s Bay campus.    The current monitoring equipment at the reactor consists of an OPTO 22 integrated I/O control system that assimilates the real time measurements collected from 10 monitoring channels.  RINSC will build upon this system by adding a series of monitors manufactured by Mirion Technologies, including the Gamma & Neutron DRM Area Radiation Monitoring System, NGM-209M Noble Gas Monitor, and the ABPM-203M Alpha/Beta Particle Air Monitor.

Funding for the equipment upgrades was provided through a grant from the Department of Energy, under the Nuclear Energy University Programs Scientific Infrastructure Support for Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research Program.  This grant will provide for the equipment, installation, integration and training provided by RSCS.  RINSC is taking advantage of the Mirion Technologies WRM2 wireless network capability for easy installation and system integration.  The installed equipment will enhance the existing RINSC monitoring system and will facilitate the operation, configuration, maintenance, data collection and historical record retrieval capacity for research reactor personnel.

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