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Surface Contamination Monitoring Technology to be Featured at the NSWCCD Industry Day
Posted on June 13th, 2016

RSCS is proudly participating in the 2016 Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD) Radiation Detection Industry Day.  During this event, Richard (Dick) Dubiel, CHP, will be making a presentation on radiation detection on Tuesday, June 14th.  This technical presentation will focus on gas filled detectors and highlight our advanced radiation survey technology, the Surface Contamination Monitor / Survey Information Management System (SCM / SIMS). 

Unique to the SCM / SIMS is a Position Sensitive Proportional Counter (PSPC) that is capable of establishing where along the detector an event occurs (NUREG/CR-6450). This allows a long detector to be divided electronically into a continuous array of small, virtual detectors that are similar in efficiency to other counters, but have backgrounds associated with small area detectors.  This configuration provides improved sensitivity due to low background, and allows specific identification of the location of the radioactivity.

We will discuss the features and advantages of our PSPC based system, including its superior production rate and ability to satisfy the DQOs of characterization and final status surveys.  In addition, we will introduce participants to alternatives to conventional surface contamination surveys.  Application of data evaluation tools such as Cumulative Frequency Distribution (CFD) plots will also be discussed.  Finally, the presentation will include real world applications, including experiences at Navy decommissioning sites.

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