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HSAs & ODCMs for Decommissioning Plants to be Presented at REEW 2016
Posted on June 24th, 2016

RSCS will participate at the upcoming Radiological Effluents and Environmental Workshop (formerly the RETS/REMP Workshop) hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute from June 27-30, 2016, in Newport, RI. This meeting examines operational nuclear power plant best practices for controlling and monitoring for radiological effluents.  The meeting also reviews innovative solutions for in-situ monitoring for contaminants, plumes, corrosive conditions, and other concerns unique to the nuclear industry. 

RSCS will present on topics related to decommissioning that are based on our past experiences decommissioning the Connecticut Yankee Plant, along with recent work we have performed for plants in the beginning stages of decommissioning.  We will discuss the priorities for identifying radiological releases during the initial planning phase of decommissioning during a presentation on “Development of “Historical Site Assessments” (HSAs) for Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants”.  The methodology for compiling HSAs will be discussed along with the content of the report which should identify both radiological and non-radiological contaminants. The imperative to capture this information early in the decommissioning process will be emphasized, to ensure that all weakly documented (or non-documented) events (perhaps from early periods of operation) are well documented in the assessment.  Further consideration for plants entering SAFSTOR will be examined, as the anecdotal information from long-term or retired employees could be ultimately lost and the record retrieval systems may not be maintained during an extended SAFSTOR period.

 As plants transition into the active phase of decommissioning, the need for continual review and revision of the environmental sampling program will be examined during our presentation “The Lifecycle of the ODCM During Decommissioning”.  Based upon EPRI report no. 1019229 (Program Change Management Decommissioning Milestones) which identifies seventeen (17) decommissioning milestones at which major program changes should be implemented, five specific milestones will be considered that significantly reduce effluent release risk.  Risk-informed changes to the ODCM and environmental monitoring programs that have been identified for each of these five phases will be examined using case scenarios from several decommissioning NPPs that have modified their decommissioning planning documents accordingly.

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