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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting in Spokane WA
Posted on July 19th, 2016

RSCS is participating in the annual Health Physics Society (HPS) annual meeting from July 17 through 14 in Spokane Washington.  Our staff is supporting the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) and the development and review of the following ANSI standards as working group participants:

  • ANSI N13.1 “Sampling And Monitoring Releases Of Airborne Radioactive Substances From The Stacks And Ducts Of Nuclear Facilities
  • ANSI N13.32, “Performance Testing of Extremity Dosimeters”; Working Group Chairman, 2016.
  • ANSI N13.61 Draft, “The design and use of systems for sampling the releases of airborne radioactive substances from the ambient air near and around nuclear facilities”.

The first two of these standards were previously published but the ANSI rules require a 10-year review cycle.  During the review process, the working group may decide to re-affirm the standard with no changes or institute changes that will be published as a revision.  Eric Darois is participating in these working group sessions during the meeting.

Jay Tarzia, as the Vice Chairman of the ABHP, participated in the ABHP summer meeting last week and is attending the HPS meeting this week where he is presenting the McAdams award at the HPS award luncheon.

Please stop buy our vendor booth #408 and say hello as we will be introducing our brand-new electronic dosimeter simulator, the DMC3000TD, as part of our SIM-Teq product line.  We would be glad to demonstrate how easy and flexible it is to use the SIM-Teq training system.  Designed for maximum flexibility, up to 10 simulated gamma sources can be separately configured to dose rates up to 10,000 R/hr (100 Sv/hr) at 30 cm and deployed for automatic detection by our various models of meters and dosimeters.  The value in the SIM-Teq platform in conducting training for st timers or seasoned professionals without incurring any dose is unmatched by any other training systems.

We hope to see you in Spokane!

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