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Unified RASCAL Interface (URI) Adopted by Canadian Nuclear Utility
Posted on October 14th, 2016

Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power are deploying the Unified RASCAL Interface (URI) at 18 operating nuclear plants throughout Canada.  This work is being completed by RSCS who has teamed with Kinectrics, a Canadian testing, inspection and consulting company.  URI would be used in the event of an accident condition involving the release of radioactive materials to the environment through the air.  This tool would be used to calculate off-site radiological conditions as part of protective action recommendations for the public.  Users of URI would include a site’s emergency response personnel who would be responsible for collecting information for URI including radiation monitor response, ventilation conditions, meteorological information and the type of accident that may be occurring at the time of its use.  This tool can be used to track the progression of accident conditions and offsite migration of radioactive materials as virtually “live-time”. We anticipate that most of URI’s actual use will be for training site emergency responders rather than for actual emergency conditions.

RSCS has provided URI to over 60 nuclear units in the US and has adapted its use for the state of Illinois as part of its emergency planning initiatives.  The installation of URI in Canada represents the first time this tool will be used outside of the US and for nuclear plant designs other than PWRs and BWRs.  We expect this project will be complete and fully implemented in 2017.

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