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Matthew Darois Promoted to Manager of Environmental Services
Posted on October 5th, 2017

RSCS is pleased to announce that Matthew Darois has been promoted to the position of Corporate Manager of Environmental Services.  Matthew received his B.S. degree from UNH in Environmental Science, with a minor in Soil Science.  More recently, Matthew received Certification as a Groundwater Professional (CGWP) from the National Groundwater Association (NGWA).   

Matthew, in heading up the Geotechnical Services Group for the past several years, has established a strong reputation in the nuclear industry for providing soil, groundwater, and buried pipe corrosion evaluations.  In addition, Matthew has pursued collaborations with other providers of environmental management technologies to offer several state-of-the-art solutions to the industry. 

RSCS, in collaboration with CorrTech Inc., have developed an innovative approach to collect and analyze soil samples through small borings proximal to target piping, which includes safety related buried piping. The methods developed also allow for the installation Smart Stacks, consisting of smart probes and/or half cells used to measure corrosion potentials in proximity to piping.  For both purposes, the use of small borings reduces project cost(s), inspection times and schedules. This eliminates the need for dewatering at locations below the water table, and increases the number of available inspection locations by reducing the number of open excavations required for inspections.  

In addition, this team has installed comprehensive cathodic protection system upgrades at operating nuclear power plants that work in conjunction with Smart Stack installations that measure in-situ corrosion rates and impressed current cathodic protection effectiveness on in-scope buried piping, tanks and structures. Data collected is used to determine the effectiveness and the performance of the existing cathodic protection system, and assess the likely condition of buried assets and therefore adjust predicted service life and risk-rank within the station’s asset management database.  From this information the site can monitor the current pipe environment and corrosion rates to predict future service life of the buried assets, or use it to plan and budget for future asset replacement.  This work resulted from several subsurface characterization projects that were performed in support of the NEI 09-14 Buried pipe and Tank Inspection Initiative. These devices have been effectively deployed to support plant’s asset management and inspection programs in accordance with the NEI initiative and to comply with the NRC Interim staff guidance on license renewal (LR-ISG-2011-03 and draft LR-ISG-2015-01). 

RSCS has a strong reputation for providing GIS modeling of plant substructures and buried assets.  Building upon this, Matthew’s group collaborated with Iddeal, and have developed a GIS viewer and a series of tools which will allow a user to interrogate site datasets and apply the results to targeted assets. This data management system provides the ability to link plant systems spatially to other relevant information, including groundwater monitoring data, REMP program data, relevant (spatial) IRs, inspection reports, work orders, inspection/construction photos, CP assessments and operational data.  GIS can track, store and display attributes associated with a component or environmental condition, enabling plant data to be viewed and analyzed in a way that had not been used before to this extent. By combining site data and geophysical data, high quality geospatial analyses can be carried out which benefit characterization and site investigations, and support a broad range of projects including corrosion protection/groundwater investigations, buried pipe investigations, subsurface mapping and asset inspections. The system also allows RSCS to develop hybrid drawings that incorporate both detailed 3D CAD drawings and site data. 

Matthew and his team have been instrumental in growing the Environmental Services business area for RSCS and in establishing the company as an industry leader in soil and groundwater analysis.  We congratulations Matthew on this well-deserved promotion.

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