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RSCS Contributes to Media Coverage on the Fukushima Disaster
Posted on November 2nd, 2011

RSCS Project Manager Harvey Farr has contributed to several media outlets with technical reports and impact analysis on the Fukushima Disaster. Immediately following the incident, Mr. Farr was contracted by Fox News Media to provide content for current “Situation Reports”  on the conditions existing on the ground at the Fukushima site and nearby locations. In the past few months, Mr. Farr has also provided several articles for the publication Nuclear Decommissioning Report on the immediate and long-term impact of this disaster for both Japan and international concerns. 

For the June 2011 Issue of Nuclear Decommissioning Report, Mr. Farr wrote the article “Fukushima, An Examination of a Nuclear Crisis” which investigates the on-site effects of the disaster.  He provides analysis on why the reactor core melted and the root cause of resulting equipment failures.  It also cover the applications of remote monitoring technology and robotics to minimize radiation safety concerns to workers attempting to mitigate the immediate crisis and handle the longer term decommissioning efforts.

The following July 2011 Issue includes Mr. Farr’s article “Fukushima: The Impact on Policy, Industry and People” which covers the off-site implications of the Fukushima disaster, including radioactive material dispersal calculations, the impact of fall out internationally, and lessons learned for future emergency planning.

Mr. Farr’s final segment for Nuclear Decommissioning Report was published in August of 2011, titled “Fukushima: Implications on the Economy and the Road Ahead”.  This article considers the trade implications from the Fukushima disaster, including import-export issues and other trade related complications.  In addition, it details the projected decommissioning costs as a percentage of Japans GDP along with long term potential of clean up and rebuilding efforts for stimulating Japan’s stagnating economy.

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