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RSCS completes large scale MediSmarts installation at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada.
Posted on December 12th, 2012

In the past 4 years, RSCS has installed 40 systems, and provides installation services, technical support, and calibrations of the Rotem MediSmarts radiation monitoring system throughout the United States and Canada. We recently completed our largest installation project to-date at a new-build medical cyclotron research facility in Edmonton, Canada. The system consisted of the installation of 14 GM42 radiation area monitors inside the cyclotron vault and proximal areas as well as the installation of 5-PM11 NaI Detectors, 4-GM42 Detectors, and 3 Airflow probes, for the stack ventilation release monitoring. Additionally, RSCS worked closely with the on-site design team to instrument 7 specialized clean rooms with radiation area monitors with local alarms. The installation was capped off with the initialization of a centralized computer monitoring system that will be used to monitor radiation levels at each instrumented location within the building and ultimately ensure the safety of all on-site personnel, and general public.

A typical MediSmarts installation requires a few days with one or two of our staff.  A typical installation includes 1-PM11, 1-GM42, and 1-Airflow probe for the ventilation release monitoring, 4 to 5 GM42 area radiation monitors, computer monitoring systems, software and set-up.

All on-site work at the University was completed, seamlessly, on schedule, in 3 days by a 3 person crew. We congratulate our team for job well done!

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