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Power Plant Up-rate Support
Posted on January 13th, 2013

For the last year, we have been supporting a large power up-rate for a US nuclear power plant (PWR).  This project involves the replacement of many large components and the creation of large volumes of metal waste.  Our staff has developed a MARSAME based process and methodology for sampling monitoring this metal to allow much of it to be released as clean scrap metal rather than as potentially radioactive wastes.  Our processes use a variety of sophisticate equipment including In-situ Gamma Spectroscopy, Alpha and Beta Scintillation instrumentation, and Large Plastic Scintillation truck monitors to ensure that any material released is free from plant related nuclides.  For instance, we were able to free release and recycle over 300,000 of pounds of titanium and over 500,000 pounds of steel to date, which was sold as a commodity saving the client millions in radioactive waste disposal costs.  The project is at the 50% milestone with an equal amount of material still awaiting to be processed.

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