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RSCS Attended the RETS REMP and EPRI Groundwater Workshops
Posted on June 26th, 2013

RSCS attended the RETS REMP and EPRI Groundwater Workshops in Westminster CO during the week of June 24, 2013 .  The RETS REMP annual meetings provide a forum for environmental and radiological professionals who are engaged in monitoring effluents from nuclear power plants and their impact on the environment.  During these meetings many ideas and concepts on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this important nuclear plant operation were shared.

The EPRI Groundwater Workshop is also an annual meeting of professionals involved in groundwater monitoring and investigations.  The professional participants of this meeting include geologists and hydrogeologists.  Similar to the RETS REMP Workshop, the meeting involved a mutual sharing of ideas on how to improve the industry’s management of the potential migration of contaminants from underground systems.

RSCS presented two papers at this meeting.  The first was delivered by Eric Darois on the design and use of an interim noble gas effluent monitor.  The second, by Matthew Darois, was on underground investigations performed at various nuclear power plant sites for the NEI Buried Pipe Initiatives.  

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