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NRC Information Notice 2013-13 Highlights Deficiencies with Effluent Monitoring Systems
Posted on August 12th, 2013

The NRC recently issued an information notice to address deficiencies in the performance of liquid and gaseous effluent radiation monitoring instrumentation installed at nuclear power plants.  Their observations cover deficiencies over the past 5 years that likely stem from the degradation of monitoring  system components that have been in use for decades.  These performance issues are also compounded by the fact that there has been increased staff turnover at the plants over the past few years, and the new staff may not be familiar with the basis of their monitoring systems designs, requirements and operability constraints.

As strong proponents of nuclear power, RSCS believes that proper monitoring of effluents from nuclear power plants is an important element for maintaining  public confidence, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance.   RSCS has provided assistance to power plants to address similar deficiencies and is available to evaluate and support others in mitigating such conditions.  We have reviewed the operability of stack sampling and monitoring systems, measured and characterized stack flow velocity profiles for sampling efficacy, designed noble gas effluent monitoring equipment, evaluated plant effluent data for liquids and gasses, and installed radiation monitoring equipment throughout the US and Canada.  In fact, our staff has installed these types of systems at over 50 PET (Positron Emission Tomography) cyclotrons that include area radiation and stack effluent monitoring detection systems.   RSCS is a valuable resource for nuclear power plants seeking experienced consultants to assess their effluent monitoring systems and encourages site managers to contact us to discuss their needs.

See NRC Information Notice 2013-13 here.

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