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RSCS Contributes Articles on Radiological Dispersal Event Training and Response
Posted on September 11th, 2013

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, many questions came to mind on the preparedness of our first responders to handle a radiological incident.  How long did it take for first responders on the scene to consider use of their radiation detection equipment?  How well trained were the first responders on the use of the equipment and interpretation of the results?  Would a first responder be hesitant to enter ground zero or triage victims if there was a radiological device involved?

RSCS leads radiation safety and response training for several hazmat and emergency response units throughout the Northeast.  Placing an emphasis on radiation hazard fundamentals, with clear communication of the inherent risks, our training provides these professionals with the understanding and confidence they need to respond to unknown conditions on the ground.  

Industry publications that serve government officials and first responders have engaged RSCS to contribute articles on the appropriate actions first responders should take when responding to a radiological dispersal event.  Both James Tarzia and Eric Darois recently authored articles that appeared in Homeland Security Today and Fire Engineering.  Please select the links below for the full articles.

How to Train for Radiological Incident Response

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