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Mobilized and Mobile - RSCS Supports Subsurface Measurements for several Mid- West Nuclear Plants
Posted on September 25th, 2013

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) recently spearheaded NEI 09-14: Underground Piping and Tanks Integrity Initiative as an industry wide requirement for plants to verify the integrity of their subsurface structures.  RSCS has been contracted by several Mid-West plants to conduct evaluations to demonstrate compliance with this initiative.  Matt Darois and Peter McNeil are currently on the road with a trailer full of tooling and equipment to be used to investigate soil conditions near underground equipment such as piping, tanks, and electrical ducts.  Our equipment is the least intrusive method that a site can use to collect deep soil samples adjacent to important underground systems.  For more information on the methods used for these investigations, please see our article Soil Sampling for the NEI Buried Pipe and Tank Initiative

RSCS worked with the plant engineers to prepare detailed work-plans that consider multiple details, including the identification of exact locations that will be sampled, how our equipment will be electrically grounded, and how the samples will be extracted and packaged for shipment to the laboratory for analysis. Retrieved samples will be analyzed for a wide array of parameters that can quantify whether corrosive conditions are present.  While on site, RSCS will also install permanent monitoring equipment deep underground to actively monitor for potential long-term corrosive conditions.

Matt and Peter will be traveling the  Mid-West for several weeks to perform this work.  We wish them a safe and successful trip!

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