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RSCS Attended the 25th Annual Weapons Complex Monitor Decision Makers Forum
Posted on October 23rd, 2013

Jay Tarzia and Gene Gleason represented RSCS this week at the 25th Annual Weapons Complex Monitor Decision Makers Forum in Amelia Island Florida.  This meeting brought together personnel from the DOE, UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Atomic Energy of Canada, State regulatory agencies and industry to address the issues currently facing the cleanup and decommissioning of former DOE weapons sites and nuclear power sites nationally and abroad.  This year the meeting focused on strategies employed to reduce life-cycle cleanup costs.  Cleanup challenges were discussed from the perspectives of regulatory compliance, worker safety and fiscal constraints.  Waste reduction and disposal issues facing the US, UK and Canada were addressed.  A goal of the meeting was to foster international collaboration and sharing of technical resources to improve safety, efficiency and cost savings as sites are decommissioned.  The long term environmental liabilities faced by the US and our international partners were round tabled by government regulators and contractors to determine the objectives for successful cleanup efforts.

Widespread participation by professionals at the decision maker level provided key insights into the challenges facing sites, including Hanford, Savannah River, Paducah, Oak Ridge and Idaho.  Lessons learned from successful closure sites such as Rocky Flats were shared as examples of best practices to consider as strategies are developed for future cleanup efforts.  RSCS was glad to contribute to these conversations by sharing our experiences gathered over the past 15 years while decommissioning several nuclear sites. 

For more information on the Decision Makers Forum, please click here.

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