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RSCS to Participate at Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference
Posted on November 15th, 2013

Eric Darois and Troy Giard of RSCS will exhibit and participate on round table discussions at the upcoming Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference on November 19-20th in Charlotte, North Carolina. Focused on the decommissioning challenges facing commercial nuclear fleets and the DOE, this meeting brings together professionals to discuss the latest technologies being deployed at active sites, lessons learned and best practices, and the forecast for aging plants to come off-line.

RSCS has extensive decommissioning experience at sites in the US, Canada, the UK and South Korea.  Our work developing two NRC-approved license termination plans for commercial nuclear plants relied upon risk based analyses that prioritized decommissioning objectives. We have developed strategies and methodologies that have provided safe, efficient and cost effective solutions for characterizing sites and managing radiological waste.  Please visit us at booth #2 to learn about some of our specialty services, including:

  • Decommissioning Cost Estimation – Our unique estimation methodologies provide accurate and dynamic cost estimates to sites that facilitate maintaining decommissioning budgets and schedules throughout the decommissioning lifecycle. Learn more about our unique decommissioning cost estimation software that we use for our calculations here.  
  • Dose Assessment and ALARA Initiatives – Our staff has developed detailed dose estimates for large and small D&D work scopes including the dose estimates generated as part of our decommissioning cost estimation process (DeCAT).  We have also implemented robotics techniques and decontamination methods as tools to ensure that the D&D process maintains personnel radiation exposures ALARA.
  • Reactor Internals Characterization – RSCS employs various characterization methodologies, including Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) computations to determine the impact of neutron activation on reactor components, and the particle fluencies surrounding activated reactor internals at power plants.  These evaluations help to streamline and optimize the dismantlement and segregation of greater than class C reactor internals radioactive waste.  Learn more about our MCNP experience here.
  • Large Volume Waste Characterization – Our staff have developed systematic sampling survey work plans that integrate MARRSIM and MARSAME statistical sampling methods with state of the art in-situ processes to provide efficient processes to screen large volumes of waste and segregate radioactive materials.  These methods effectively reduce the volumetric waste and provide potential revenue streams as free release materials are recycled and reclaimed.   Learn more about our waste screening methodologies here.

RSCS is a GSA contracted supplier to the US Government through schedule 899.  Information about our GSA contracted consulting rates can be found here.

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