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RSCS Receives Decommissioning License
Posted on December 13th, 2013

In order for a licensee to terminate their radioactive materials license, they must submit a plan to their respective regulatory authority that maps out their approach to decommissioning their facility.  Depending of the activities performed in the facility, decommissioning efforts can involve dismantling systems and surveying materials, as well as packaging and classifying radioactive waste for final disposition.  These activities fall outside of the scope of a typical radioactive materials license, requiring the facility to either amend their license to perform these activities, or to contract with a service provider who maintains their own decommissioning license to independently perform the work.

RSCS is pleased to announce that we have obtained our Decommissioning License, NH Radioactive Materials License #381R.  The first licensee of this type in the State of New Hampshire, RSCS is now positioned to provide decommissioning services to clients throughout the U.S. who do not have this capacity on their own site license. This license allows us to take control of an unlicensed facility, such as a legacy site, for decommissioning and remediation purposes.  

Prior to obtaining this license, RSCS performed decommissioning activities at many nuclear power, medical and research facilities, operating under our client’s site licenses.  Through our extensive decommissioning experience we have developed a comprehensive set of operating procedures that cover all aspects of managing this type of work that include radiological controls, dosimetry, worker safety, environmental remediation, contaminated groundwater investigations, waste monitoring and packaging and final status survey methods and reporting.  These procedures were leveraged to support our application for our decommissioning license, and streamlined this process with our state regulators.

Under our decommissioning license, we look forward to being able to provide our radiological project management services to a wider array of clients, facilitating their efforts to terminate their site licenses.   A great effort was put into obtaining this license, and we wish to publically thank our team, including Skip Litterer, Doug Roberson, Pete Hollenbeck, Greg Babineau and Jay Tarzia.  

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