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RSCS to present at the NORM & Natural Radiation Management North America Conference in Houston TX, March 25-26th
Posted on March 24th, 2014

Eric Darois of RSCS and Phil DeFoggi of RSK-Radiological will present on “Norm Surveys at Crude Oil Degassing Stations in Iraq’s Rumaila Oil Field” at the NORM and Natural Radiation Management North America conference this week in Houston TX. This presentation details the methods used to conduct extensive NORM surveys of six degassing stations, along with the survey results and conclusions.

The surveys were conducted in 2013 to identify areas where NORM contamination was present, assess and bound the magnitude of contamination, and quantify the potential hazards to workers and members of the public. Field measurements and environmental samples were collected over 28 days in a challenging environment that included high ambient temperatures, unexploded ordinance risks, and personal security concerns.

Excellent correlation was observed between field and laboratory measurements, resulting in the identification of several areas where remediation was recommended for both soils and surface waters. Eighty two areas were identified as containing NORM contamination (>1 Bq/g) with most of these being limited in areal extent to less than 4 m2 and dose equivalent rates less than 20 micro-rem per hour. In addition, some loose contamination was identified along with a large potential source from a “produced water” lake.

Lessons learned while conducting these surveys in a challenging environment will be shared. In addition, methods to efficiently conduct these surveys under aggressive schedule constraints will be presented.

RSCS will also exhibit at the NORM conference to promote our geotechnical and health physics consulting services that benefit the oil-gas sector in the management of NORM and TENORM. This technical meeting brings together environmental regulators and energy sector professionals to discuss NORM issues unique to mining, drilling and fracking. Topical sessions explore NORM challenges from the environmental and regulatory framework, including permitting and licensing implications. This meeting also provides a forum to share information on mitigation strategies for NORM contamination in water, natural gas lines, oil pipelines and shale fields, including dose assessments and treatment technologies.

RSCS looks forward to participating in this informative and productive meeting.

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