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Nuclear Power

Our company has a proven track record of supplying first class management and technical services to commercial nuclear power plants and research reactor facilities.  Our company is well known for developing and implementing effective solutions to complex issues relating to the acquisition, management, and control of nuclear and radiological materials.  We take pride in our worldwide project experience which ranges from the US and Canada to Europe and Asia.

We have over 20 years experience supporting all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including uranium enrichment,  new-build activities, operations, and decommissioning.    Whether you are in need of routine support or specialty project services, we have the resources and experience to craft efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.   Our nuclear site services range from small turn-key projects to large-scale staffing support and include:

Radiological Technicians and Specialists

Providing for experienced and technically competent radiological technicians to support operational programs, outage schedules and decommissioning projects at nuclear plants is an on-going and growing concern.  RSCS is a Radiation Safety company that provides staffing services… not a staffing company that provides Radiation Safety services.  We are able to support our clients by providing short and long term health physics staff specialists and radiological technicians to support routine operations, outages, and special projects.  Our team includes Former Commercial Radiation Protection Managers, Health Physics Supervisors, Radiological Engineers, ALARA specialists, Radiation Protection Technical Support and a team of radiological technicians with extensive experience in effectively planning and executing radiological work during operations, outages, and special projects at nuclear facilities.  

Project Management and Execution

Our highly competent team of project managers and engineers are skilled at planning and executing nuclear and radiological work.  We specialize in solving unique problems which arise from high-risk radiological tasks to ensure that work is performed safely and effectively.  

Radiation Protection Program Development and Maintenance

Our skilled procedure writers are proficient in the development and modification of radiation protection programs to ensure they are written effectively and meet current technical and regulatory standards.  Our staff can assist in providing quality audits and assessments to demonstrate compliance with NRC, EPA, and State requirements.

Nuclear Facility Decommissioning

Our staff is internationally renowned for providing world-class decommissioning services to nuclear sites around the globe.  Our company is the only private firm that has written two approved License Termination Plans for commercial US Reactors.  Our decommissioning services include decommissioning cost estimation, plant dismantlement planning and execution, and final status survey design and implementation.  We pride ourselves in providing expert contamination control support and specialize in alpha contamination programs.

Radiological Effluents and Environmental Monitoring

At RSCS, we know that the effective monitoring of effluents and the environment is important to demonstrate facilities are operating safely.  Our staff includes trained environmental and soil scientists, hydro geologists, and geo chemists  who are skilled in state-of-the-art techniques relating to measuring and characterizing  radioactivity in liquid and airborne effluents, soils, subsurface structures and groundwater.  We specialize in:

  • Stack Assessments
  • Effluent Instrumentation
  • Leak Detection
  • Groundwater and Subsurface Characterization
  • Monitoring Well Design and Installation
  • Numerical Groundwater Modeling 
  • Management of Site Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Our employees utilize state-of-the art techniques and methods in our assessments including the use of robotics, remote real-time sensors and data loggers,  and deployment of anvanced technologies such as tritium soil vapor extraction systems. 

RMS Instrumentation Support

Our nuclear fleet has experienced a slow loss of knowledgeable staff to maintain Remote Monitoring System (RMS) instrumentation.  Many of the operating system are based on requirements that were implemented in the early 1980’s in the period that followed the TMI accident in 1979.  In many cases, the staff that implemented these requirements and understood the basis and system designs are no longer in these positions, resulting in a loss of knowledge that is important in maintaining RMS equipment.

RSCS supports nuclear sites with the maintenance of their RMS equipment. Our staff was directly involved in the implementation of the accident monitoring requirements of NUREG 0737 in the 1980’s.  Implementation included monitor design and use for offsite dose projections using post-Accident source terms for all accident release pathways for BWRs and PWRs.  Also, our staff developed methodologies used at operating sites to support dose projection methods, techniques and tools.  Our key staff served as subject matter experts (SMEs) for the RMS system at a large operating PWR for well over 20 years.  One of our principals is a member of ANSI N13.1 committee on monitoring effluents from stacks and ducts and has been active in providing presentations to our industry on RMS issues.

Our experienced staff has supported many projects involving RMS instrumentation for the nuclear community in the past few years.  Our support has ranged from system assessments, on-site measurements and calibrations, monitor design and construction, RMS training, accident dose projections and analysis, and more. 

Dosimetry and Instrumentation

We provide a full range of dosimetry services to nuclear power companies including internal and external dose evaluations, whole body counting and bioassay support, and neutron dosimetry assessments. Our instrumentation division supports all types of portable and fixed instrument evaluations, calibrations, repairs and upgrades.  We are also licensed to handle and accept instruments with fixed and loose contamination.

Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Surveys

RSCS provides for both gamma and neutron environmental surveys around ISFSI sites to establish conformance with 40CFR190 dose limits.  These measurements incorporate a combination of our High Pressure Ionization Chamber, In-situ Object Counting System (columnated High-Purity Germanium System) for direct and skyshine exposure rate quantification, and our neutron environmental Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) systems.

Neutron and Gamma Field Characterizations

Whether you need in-plant radiation environment assessments or calibration facility quality measurements, we can provide quality measurements to assure you conform to gamma and neutron standards.  We can also  perform personnel dosimetry and instrument evaluations.  For neutron characterization projects, we have both TEPC and Bonnersphere Measurement Systems which use the most recent spectral unfolding software.  For gamma characterizations, we use Exradin secondary standards coupled to a Keithley Model 617 electrometer with our custom computer controlled software.  Our characterization of gamma calibration sources also include a detailed data analysis and curve-fitting process that results in easy-to use techniques to help simplify your instrument calibration facility.


We can offer dozens of customized training programs for commercial nuclear facilities including: Site Orientation (GET), Radiation Worker Training, Radiation Protection Technician Training, Alpha Contamination Awareness Training, and many other custom training programs.

Characterization and Waste Disposal

Our health physicists and waste experts specialize in providing cost effective ways to dispose of waste from nuclear sites.  We support all types of site and waste characterization including 10 CFR 61 evaluations, component and facility modeling, shipping and characterization software evaluation, waste package evaluations,  and free release surveys (including MARSAME evaluations using either traditional measurements of advanced systems that use HPGe detection.  We can also assist your facility in performing performance assessments of your instrumentation specific to your source-terms for supporting your free release program or your passive internal monitoring program.

Emergency Planning

We provide support to develop and implement emergency plans for commercial nuclear facilities.  Our support in this area ranges from program development, to emergency instrumentation and simulators, to on-call staffing support.  We also have experience in providing emergency plan de-escalation coordination for decommissioning activities.