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Residential and Municipal

RSCS provides a variety of environmental radiation services to home owners and municipalities to monitor and control radioactive contaminants in air, water and soil including:

Radon Testing

Since 1989, our Radon Testing Division has delivered quality Radon services to thousands of customers in the New England area.  We provide do-it-yourself radon test kits for homeowners and on-site radon testing for schools, municipalities, and commercial facilities.

Soil and Groundwater Services

The RSCS Soils and Groundwater Services group is uniquely qualified to provide effective management solutions  to sites with environmental and radiological challenges.  Whether you require a limited investigation or a larger monitoring regime, we can design a cost-effective program for your site.  We have extensive experience in the design and installation of monitoring and extraction wells, design of sampling and monitoring programs,  development of numerical groundwater models,  and site remediation to meet the regulatory requirements for your site .

Radiation Incidence Response

RSCS has a team of radiation specialists who can respond quickly to radiation incidents and concerns.  Our rapid response can help you mitigate the consequences of situations such as; landfill radiation monitor alarms, radioactive material spills, and transportation incidents involving radioactive material. We have the equipment to locate, isolate, and control the source of elevated radiation.  We can also perform in-field gamma spectroscopy to identify the type of radioactive material present causing the alarm.

Gamma Radiation Surveys

RSCS will deploy our staff to your business, town or residence to perform any type of ionizing radiation surveys that your situation may warrant.  We have assisted many of our clients with a wide array of requests as part of an overall hazard assessment to help to ensure the safety of their residents and/or employees.

Our team of trained environmental and soil scientists, hydro-geologists, and geo-chemists are skilled in state-of-the-art techniques relating to measuring and remediating radioactivity in liquid and airborne effluents, soils, and groundwater.  Our goal is to reduce risk to our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner by meeting cleanup standards and site closure on schedule and within budget.  We can even assist you in presenting the results of any assessments we may do to the local community, employees, or other stakeholders.  This presentation can be in the form of a public meeting, legal proceedings, or in private consultation.  Regardless of the forum, you can rest assured that our team members are leaders in our sciences.