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Providing for experienced and technically competent radiological technicians to support operational programs, outage schedules and decommissioning projects at nuclear plants is an on-going and growing concern.  RSCS is a Radiation Safety company that provides staffing services… not a staffing company that provides Radiation Safety services.  We are able to support our clients by providing short and long term health physics staff specialists to support routine operations, outages, and special projects.  Our team includes Former Commercial Radiation Protection Managers, Health Physics Supervisors, Radiological Engineers, ALARA specialists, Radiation Protection Technical Support and other individuals with extensive experience in effectively planning and executing radiological work during operations, outages, and special projects at nuclear facilities.  

In order to provide these resources, we have key personnel that effectively oversee recruiting and staffing efforts and have significant industry experience in the contracted radiological services sector.  Our staffing division includes project managers, recruiters and contract managers with extensive experience in managing major projects and operations associated with contracted radiological services to the commercial nuclear power industry.  Our team has a proven track record of successfully staffing support service positions requested by our clients.

RSCS maintains an extensive database of technical personnel and is continually recruiting specifically for radiation protection specialists, supervisors and engineers to support the upcoming outage seasons. By utilizing sophisticated software programs, RSCS is able to not only search and identify individuals in our database by skill, specialty and geographical area but also track their status including pre-employment assessment and paperwork, current work assignments, job performance data, training and other valuable human resource information.