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Survey Information Management System

The enormous amount of survey data generated by the Surface Contamination Monitor (SCM) is effectively analyzed and managed using our Survey Information Management System (SIMS).

SCM / SIMS Overview

SIMS reports are customized to meet site specific criteria and typically include: a summary of survey parameters, a cumulative frequency distribution plot of the survey data to aid in the identification of outliers, a 2-D color image of survey area results, data summary (mean, max, min, standard deviation) for each square meter, and an exception report with a 2-D display of areas over action levels (both 100 cm2 and 1 m2).

Faster Reports: Includes built-in automatic report generators capable of providing an unprecedented degree of survey documentation in an easy to use Microsoft Word format.

SIMS Tank FootprintSIMS Tank Footprint 2

  • Creates digital images and provides powerful analysis tools.
  • Can overlay data onto CAD drawings or photographs.
  • Assembles spatially correlated data into arrays for mathematical treatment and digital image analysis.
  • Assemble and display data from surveys with conventional instruments in addition to SCM.
  • Faster surveys and faster reports translate into big cost savings.

Yet, while saving both time and money, the SCM/SIMS combination provides the most complete and accurate survey available.