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Training Simulators

Radiation Safety & Control Services designs and manufactures the SIM-Teq™ product line of training devices.  Visit the SIM-Teq website here.

The SIM-Teq™  System is a wireless training network of simulated dosimeters and survey meters managed and controlled by the Simulation Control Center (SCC) application. Instructors can use this intuitive application to set model-specific configurations and alarm thresholds, and control and view the measurements displayed on the student’s training instruments. In addition, simulated faults and fault alarms can be activated by the instructor using the SCC at any time. 

Radiation Safety & Control Services also represents a line of training simulators manufactured by Safe Training Systems (STS).  Their 800 series of training meters use a completely safe perfluorocarbon  spray that is detected by a chemical sensor in the meter's probe to provide a simulated response of the meter to a contaminated area.  The contaminant spray spreads and can be "decontaminated" in the same manner as real contamination. 

Learn more about the STS product line below.

  • STS 800 Series

    The STS 800 series of Ionizing Radiation Simulators makes possible realistic training without the use of radioactive sources. The system uses simulated radioactive...